Latin Evening Classes

Words don’t just appear, they have a history. They have travelled through time and across cultures. Have you ever wondered why a male graduate is an alumnus and female graduate an alumna? We have one appendix and two appendices? The answer is Latin.

Latin provides many of the root words for modern sciences, and is the language of law, government and logic. It also helps with understanding grammar and learning other languages. This beginners' course aims to demonstrate why Latin still plays an important role, and how it can help to develop language skills. There is no formal assessment but a certificate is awarded for 80% attendance.

Times and rooms will be published at the start of the autumn term.


Latin helps create curious, intellectually rigorous kids[sic] with a rich interior world, people who have the tools to see our world as it really is because they have encountered and imaginatively experienced another that is so like, and so very unlike, our own. Charlotte Higgins