English for Researchers

Studying and working in a second language is an amazing achievement but does have its challenges. To support researchers for whom English is a second language, there are both Academic and Social English courses on offer as well as individual tutorials. To register for classes, or for more details email Languages

British Culture and Society

This course is open to all students and is an opportunity to learn more about aspects of Britsh culture and to share your experiences of living and studying in Cornwall.  The focus is on functional language and expressions for everyday life.

The Sounds of English

A course that focuses on the pronunciation and delivery of spoken English, and how to develop your speaking and listening skills. We’ll be looking at aspects of pronunciation and connected speech, and discovering why native speakers can be difficult to understand. Part of the course will involve giving mini-presentations and receiving feedback on pronunciation and the effectiveness of communication. 

Writing for Researchers

This is an academic English writing course for any PhD candidates or Post-doctoral researchers on the Penryn campus for whom English is a Second Language. It aims to help develop academic writing style and expression, as well as the clarity and flow of ideas. A key part of the course is receiving feedback on samples of writing, and therefore participants will be expected to submit written texts of up to 500 words each week.

To register for classes, or for more details email Languages