Welcome English

Welcome English

Welcome English is a free language course for any students whose first language is not English. It is an introduction to using English in different social  and personal situations that you may encounter during your first few weeks in the UK, and has a local focus on living and travelling around Falmouth and Penryn. The classes are a great place to meet other students from around the world and also to ask any questions that you may have about the university and life in Cornwall. For example, What is a Cornish pasty? Is it windy all the time? or Where's the best place to find international ingredients?

Dates: Tues 19 - Fri 29 September (weekdays)      Time: 17.30 - 19.00       Location: The Penryn campus. See course outline below for rooms.

Welcome English enrolment

Students from the Summer English Programme enjoying the Minack theatre, West Cornwall


The Languages Team,

Languages Office, Tremough House

Penryn Campus



Welcome English Course outline & rooms

You can come to all or just some of the classes depending on your other commitments, but please make sure you complete the online enrolment.

Date Location on Penryn Campus Language focus Cultural information

19 Sept

  • UG Exchange Green

  • PG Exchange Red

Meeting and greeting - Greetings, questions, English in social situations

Places to meet on or around campus

20 Sept

  • UG Exchange Green
  • PG Exchange Red

Getting around - Using local transport, directions and places of interest

Places to visit around Falmouth and Penryn

21 Sept

  • UG Exchange Green
  • PG Exchange Red

Money, money, money! - Banking, shopping & other financial situations.

Top tips from other students on where to buy things

22 Sept

  • UG Exchange Green
  • PG Exchange Red

Home sweet home - Accommodation and talking to flat mates

Things you need to know about Living on/off campus

25 sept

  • UG Tremough House X
  • PG Peter Lanyon 6

Health & fitness - Visiting the doctor, Keeping fit

The NHS, local sports facilities

26 Sept

  • UG Tremough House Z
  • PG Peter Lanyon 9

Out and about - Making arrangements; Social activities & informal language

Social life at the University

27 Sept

  • UG Tremough House Z
  • PG Peter Lanyon 9

Keeping in touch - Email, phone, texts etc. Formal vs informal language


The media

28 Sept

  • UG Tremough House Z
  • PG Peter Lanyon 9

When in Rome… - Cultural Dos & Don’ts, law & order

Cultural tips, Laws you need to know

29 Sept

  • UG Tremough House Z
  • PG Peter Lanyon 9

Cornwall - Fun overview of the history of Cornwall

Historical and cultural information

Top Tips from other students