English Language courses for University of Exeter, Cornwall

These are free workshops for any students and researchers at the University of Exeter in Cornwall for whom English is a second language. The workshops are a friendly, supportive place to discuss language questions and the experience of studying and living in what might be an unfamiliar culture. Please use the link at the bottom of the page to sign up or email the EAP Team with any questions.Workshops take place every week during Term time. 

 As well as the structured courses and workshops below, you might also be interested in joining our International Conversation Club

Academic English and Tutorials

Courses for undergraduates

EAP Law, Business, Humanities & Social Sciences Focuses on the advanced language skills required to communicate effectively in these disciplines and tackle the assignments required by undergraduate courses.  Weds 13.00-14.30 TH sem X
EAP Life, Environmental & Physical Sciences Focuses on the language and writing skills needed for lab and field reports, posters and assignments required for undergraduate science and engineering courses.  Thurs 16.00-17.30 PL sem 10

Courses for post-graduates

Engineering, Mathematics & Physical Sciences (EMPS)  Focuses on the academic writing and language skills required for course assignments for MSc/MEng taught students. Variable  Email for details
Environment & Human Health  Aims to develop the advanced writing and language skills needed for written work and research with a focus on course assignments.  Fridays 12.00-13.30 DM sem E
Life and Environmental Sciences  Aims to develop the advanced writing and language skills needed for MSc course assignments and research. Variable  Email for details
Writing for Research PhD & Post-doc For Post-graduate and post doctoral researchers, the workshops focus on the language and writing skills required for research and publication. Mondays 14.00-15.30 TH sem X


1-1 tutorials are also available for individual feedback on assignments. Book a tutorial.

General English

The details of the  courses and workshops are below, and you might also be interested in joining the International Conversation Club

Sounds of English Develops both listening and speaking skills by focusing on elements of pronunciation. Weds 16.00-17.30 TH sem X
Social English Explores expressions and informal English in social situations. Fri 16.00-17.30 DM sem I
CVs & Applications Helps you to write an attention-grabbing CV and personal statement, and practise interview techniques. Thurs 13.00-14.30 TH sem Y
Language in Use Focuses on grammar and structure such as tenses, conditionals and prepositions. Tues 11.00-12.00 PL sem 3




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